ORIGYN is a non-profit foundation

A watch brand cultivates a very strong image, and its independence is essential – it is the reason no brand ever wants to be under the influence of another. The right infrastructure had to be found in order to create an impartial standard that could be used by all, without a single majority stakeholder. Therefore, the foundation is the most appropriate legal vehicle to support the ORIGYN protocol.

A foundation structure increases transparency, removes the possibility of it being bought or merged, and eliminates the dynamic of a single controlling entity. The real owner of a foundation is its purpose.

The objective of the ORIGYN Foundation is to support and coordinate the research and development of ORIGYN tools and technologies.

ORIGYN is built on open and shared governance

ORIGYN’s ambition is to set the industry standard. To do so, the solution must lie in the hands of the industry itself, with the decisions being taken by the brands; not by ORIGYN. The magic lies in ORIGYN’s unique governance design, shared between the watch industry and the token holders. The architecture of the governance will be publicly revealed when the protocol launches.

Economy of the Token

The foundation issues tokens. These tokens are considered “utility” tokens as they open access to specific services and governance, accessible via the ORIGYN protocol.

Press Kit

This kit is for learning more about ORIGYN and using our logo in conjunction with our brand guidelines.

Press Kit

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