Manufacturers are cemented as the authority of provenance and authenticity by possessing the exclusive ability to mint a product’s unique a digital certificate/token, that can guarantee title to a product by irrefutably binding its owner to this tamperproof, uncounterfeitable digital twin.

A unique digital certificate

Such digital certificates are transferable from manufacturer to boutique and consumer, as well as from consumer to consumer, notarizing the true lineage and history of a product.

In order to make ORIGYN’s Blockchain incorruptible, it must be decentralized. This data is then securely and chronologically recorded on the ORIGYN register, leveraging the Internet Computer.

For the first time in history, an object itself constitutes its own unique identity, through its distinct biomentry.

ORIGYN, a Swiss non-profit foundation, has developed proprietary leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, as well as decentralized technology.

A hybrid approach to technology

This digital certification technology quickly identifies and authenticates a luxury good via a classic smart phone application, analyzing myriad points of reference captured via images, audio signatures and other data.

ORIGYN’s research focused on a way to authenticate an directly, without the help of a barcode, microchip, engraving or other proxy.

A smartphone

authentication application

Anyone can now take a photograph of an object using a smartphone application to identify and authenticate a product, while also understanding its provenance, history and ownership.

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